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Out of Stock: How the supply chain issues are impacting us

Updated: Mar 15

There is a common refrain from most every farmer I know (and certainly the situation extends well beyond farming) – about the huge delays in getting most anything you want/need. A case in point – we are/will be lambing this June/July and last February I ordered some equipment I wanted to improve the lambing experience – it finally showed up last week. I have some stuff I ordered last September that has yet to show up here at the farm!

We are also experiencing the same delays in relation to the wool mill we are starting. I “gambled” last year and got the building built. Recently we ordered most of the equipment that the building will house. The majority of the equipment will probably not be here until next May – due mainly I’m told to delays in getting the necessary components to make the equipment. When I hear things like “the Canadian economy is roaring along”, it makes me wonder what these “experts” are basing their views on!

Anyway, we are trying to make the most out of the delays – two weeks ago Beverly and I travelled out to the Winnipeg area to visit a wool mill that is up and running using the same equipment we have ordered. We both came back with several action items based on things we learned there – having the time to do this and hopefully make our start-up smoother will be a huge plus. We are hoping to do more visits to other operations once lambing is done with the same goal in mind.

The blue Mar-Weld walk-through feeder in the middle of the image is one of the items we waited a long time for - but it did arrive in time to be set up in the nursery for the first lambs of our lambing season this June/July. By the way: the pink colour on one of the lambs is a safe marking paint used for quick identification.

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