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Wool Mill Update

We are in the process of starting a wool mill on our farm. The equipment arrived in June 2023. We think that it will take several months for us to learn how to use the equipment and therefore anticipate having local woolen products in early 2024. 

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Here are the answers to common questions we are being asked:

  • Yes, we will be creating yarn! Our equipment will also be used to create a variety of felted products. 

  • While our long-term goal is to be able to work with northwestern Ontario farmers to process their fibre, we are not currently accepting orders for custom processing. Please do not send us your wool just yet. 

  • We do have a plan for the waste wool (the wool that is too dirty or too poor in quality). We are currently investigating the use of pelleters to create a fertilizer product. 

  • Once the Wool Mill is fully operational, we will be offering tours. Please wait until these have been announced before driving out as we are not able to accomodate drop-ins at this time. Our farm is not currently open to the general public for visits.

Please feel free to use our contact form to connect with us directly. 

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