About Our Farm

The farm is located on Oleksuk Road in the municipality of Neebing. It is roughly 150 acres. There is currently a barn, hay barn and garage. The Jarvis River, which is really a creek, runs through it. Although the farm is new to us, the land itself has its own history. It was farmed from 2010-2017 as a sheep and pig farm. They purchased it from the Olesuk family who had farmed it since the 1950s as a cattle farm. The farmhouse itself is an original "Border House" that was moved from the U.S.-Canadian border to the farm in 1961. Its history led to the name of our farm. 

All four of us are anomalies in the farming world as we did not grow up on farms. Beverly and Bryan began farming in the Haliburton area in the mid-2000s on a small 56-acre mixed farm. They raised lamb, pigs, chickens and cattle, and maintained a large market garden. They became regulars at the local farmer's markets and sold directly to restaurants. Brody and Gwen were introduced to farming through them and began raising chickens and growing their own garden on 42 acres outside of Fort Frances in the community of Devlin. All four of us are first generation farmers with the additional distinction of starting when we were in our 40's and 50's respectively. 

In 2017, we decided to partner and start a farm together. Thunder Bay seemed like the ideal spot. The farming community was and continutes to be welcoming and we were excited by the support we saw for local farmers. Although Brody is the only true Northerner, having been born and raised in Thunder Bay, we all have come to appreciate this part of the country.

After a period of transition and significant time spent updating the facilities on the property, we started the farm in 2020 by purchasing our first sheep flock and planting garlic. 

Our Values

We all became interested in farming for more than one reason, but one that we all share: we wanted to make sure our food was raised ethically and was of the highest quality. Both Brody and Beverly are accomplished home cooks (we would probably all consider ourselves "foodies" to some degree), which means that high quality ingredients are really important to us. A component of that was guaranteeing that our food was as natural as possible as we had family members that became ill when consuming commercially- produced meat. It is equally important to us that our animals live the most natural life possible, free from stress and with their needs well-taken care of. 

We also believe that all of our practices on the farm should ultimately be sustainable. To us, this means that the land is in just as good (or better) condition than when we found it.


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Our Farm Team


Farm Visits

As a working farm, we are not currently open to the general public for visits. Farm tours are only provided for customers and must be scheduled in advance.

* Please note that we do not have a public restroom.*


If you are a customer who would like to visit our farm, here is what to expect:

  • Appointments must be made in advance so that we can schedule it into our day.  

  • We will ask you if, when and what types of farms have been visited prior to our farm. As a precaution, 48 hours may be required between visits (1 week for foreign visitors).

  • We will ask that you wear freshly laundered clothing and boots that you are able to step into a foot bath with or can put a boot cover over. Make sure to dress for the weather.

  • You will see signs on our property that indicate to visitors the importance of following biosecurity procedures, as well as safety guidelines. We expect all visitors to follow these guidelines and to exercise common sense. 

  • Visitors will have direct access to animal pens, so it is important that you recognize these are livestock (not pets) and the animals here are not tame.

  • Parents are responsible for their children. Please talk to your children about the importance of not running up to animals, speaking at normal volumes (no screaming), not putting fingers/arms in pens, etc. 

  • Pets (including family dogs) are not allowed.