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All four of us are anomalies in the farming world as we did not grow up on farms. Beverly and Bryan began farming in the Haliburton area in the mid-2000s on a small 56-acre mixed farm. They raised lamb, pigs, chickens and cattle, and maintained a large market garden. They became regulars at the local farmer's markets and sold directly to restaurants. Brody and Gwen were introduced to farming through them and began raising chickens and growing their own garden on 42 acres outside of Fort Frances in the community of Devlin. All four of us are first generation farmers with the additional distinction of starting when we were in our 40's and 50's respectively. 


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Our Commitment to
Land Stewardship

A component of sustainable stewardship, environmental stewardship is about using practices that have a positive impact on the land and its resources. This includes both efforts to reduce damage that has already occurred, as well as taking measures to prevent future damage.


Conservation and soil health practices on our farm include:

  • use of perennial pastures

  • use of cover crops on our garlic and flower beds

  • integrating crop and animal systems by having our sheep graze pasture that has been hayed

  • support of the natural riparian zones created by the Jarvis creek running through our property

  • planting of native tree and shrub species

  • controlling invasive plants

  • using manure in complement to synthetic fertilizers

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