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Lamb Pre-Orders Closed

Lamb Pre-Orders Closed

Lamb Pre-Orders Closed

Whole, half and lamb boxes are available for pre-order each Fall.

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Farm to Table

Cooking with Lamb at Borderlands Farm

As a sheep farm, we raise our sheep for both their meat and their fibre. We have chosen to raise large breeds that are considered dual purpose animals, which means they are equally valued for their wool and their meat. You will notice that you receive larger cuts than is typical for a small farm and that they are leaner. Ontario lamb has a milder flavour and ours is milder still because we supplement their grass diet with grains as directed by our flock’s nutritionist. The quality of their diet directly impacts the quality of the meat, so we always provide the highest quality diet we can. You can learn more about our farming practices here.

We cook quite often with our lamb, both as a way to evaluate the quality of our own product but also because we enjoy it! That is part of the reason we got into farming in the first place – we wanted to ensure that the meat we were eating was both of the highest quality, and ethically and responsibly-raised. Avid cooks, Brody and Beverly are both quite proficient in the kitchen and regularly experiment with lamb. We do try to share what is going on in our kitchens through social media, so be sure to check us out there for an insider's view.

One of the benefits to you of all this time in the kitchen is that your lamb order will come with cooking support in the form of guides and recipes. We test out every recipe we share before we recommend it. Usually multiple times! The three standout recipes that we have tried from the past year are shared in every whole, half or box order. We also keep all of them on this page for easy access to the back catalogue, so to speak. You will find a copy of our basic lamb cooking guide in your lamb order as well.

You will notice a theme to our recipes and really, most of the tips we give. While the most traditional herb to use with lamb is mint, we find that our most common pairing is lamb and garlic. This is why we started planting so much garlic in the first place!  It goes into our spring sausage, but also into our lamb seasoning blend and of course into our garlic keepers for regular use. This is an explanation we have given many times when folks wonder why a sheep farm also has a market garden dedicated to garlic. When you learn that we are really all about the food, then it makes sense!  

Coallage of Borderlands Farm lamb meal pictures

Lamb Cooking Guide

Infographic titled How to Cook Lamb
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