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Custom Milling

at Borderlands Farm

As sheep farmers ourselves, we are pleased to be able to offer a local option for those in the fibre community to process fleece into rovings, batts or yarn. The choice to wear wool is the sustainable one, and made even better by the connection to the animal and its fleece. Our lead wool mill operator, Beverly Barlow, brings decades of experience and education working with a variety of fibres at multiple levels (farmer, hand-spinner, artisan, judge). It is her level of skill and knowledge that you can rely on to produce a high-quality end product that maximizes the potential of the wool. We look forward to meeting you, hearing about your fleece and working hard to create products that exceed your expectations.        

We are currently accepting clean sheep’s wool, alpaca and mohair at staple lengths of 2” or greater to create batts, roving or yarn.



Pre-Step: Skirt, skirt, skirt (clean, clean, clean). 

The real first step is to ensure that your fleece is as clean as possible through skirting (see the explanation under Policies). Not only will skirting increase the likelihood that your fleece can be processed through our mill and improve your finished product; it will save you money. Short cuts less than 2” in length can’t be processed and should therefore be skirted out.  Matts, vegetation, dung tags, etc. also add to your weight, and will increase the amount of time we need to spend on your fibre. 


In-Person: Complete our intake form here. Once we receive your completed form, we will reach out to book an appointment. This appointment will include an evaluation of the skirting (cleanliness of the fleece) as well as an evaluation of the fleece itself to determine your options. It is preferable that you bring your fleece in clear plastic bags.


Shipping: Complete our intake form here. Once we receive your completed form, we will reach out for a phone call to determine if we can accept your fleece. If appropriate, we may invite you to send a small sample of your fleece for evaluation.


Once we are ready to work on your fleece, we will send you an email with further instructions. Fleece must be shipped in clear plastic bags with our labels already attached. Please do not send your fleece(s) until notified. If fleece arrives without our requesting it, storage rates will be $2.50/day. Shipping and the associated costs are the responsibility of the customer.



All accepted fleeces will be weighed upon arrival at the mill (note: this is the "unwashed" weight). We require a $15 per unwashed pound deposit due at the time of arrival or once your shipment is received. We accept cash, e-transfer or credit card and debit payments through Square. The deposit must be paid in full before work can begin on your order.

The order form will also be completed at this time. It includes an estimated fulfillment date. Copies will be provided via email for those shipping their fleeces.



As the fleece is processed through the mill, we will track all relevant data to prepare a fleece analysis. This will include information on the weights at each stage, the staple length, the micron count (estimated), etc. This will be included with your finished product. 



Once your finished product is ready, you will receive an email notification that includes your invoice. For those who are local, this will include an invitation to set a pick-up appointment. Payment is due at the time of pick-up or prior to product being shipped. Shipping charges are not included in our costs and are the responsibility of the customer.

Our Mill

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