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Polypay Wool Fibre

We raise the Polypay breed of sheep here on our farm. From a fibre perspective, Polypay produce white wool that is fine to medium and crimpy. The staple is 4-6 inches in length with a 22-24 micron range. We see a 5-7 lbs. raw fleece from a typical ewe before skirting. There can be quite a range when comparing fibre across commercial Polypay flocks so this information reflects the fibre we sell.

In 2021, we successfully imported two Targhee ram lambs from the agricultural program at the University of Wisconsin. As Targhee is one of the four breeds that contributed to the development of the Polypay breed, we can use their genetics while still maintaining the Polypay lineage. These two Targehee’s have a fibre on the lower end of the scale at 21. We chose Targhee and these two rams in particular with the impact on the fibre in mind. We will continue this practice of "top-breeding" for the foreseable future.


Polypay Ewe

The first ewe born here (#1)


Polypay Fibre

Fleece - Roving - Yarn


Targhee Ram

Tom, 2023


Targhee Fleece

Tom, 2023

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