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Winter is Coming

Updated: Mar 15

So fall is just around the corner! Not necessarily what a farmer wants to think about – especially up here where winter likes to in sneak early or, at the very least, remind us that he’s coming! As a result, all the ‘projects’ that need to be done before freeze-up suddenly get a higher priority.

Here at Borderlands Farm, water systems become a priority. We are in the process of expanding our number of pens and, therefore, are digging up the ground to run water lines for new waterers. With that also comes a requirement for additional electrical power since a place to plug in heat cables and heaters is required -obviously before winter sets in. More lighting is also required and I hate wiring with cold hands!

Unfortunately, two of our current waterer set-ups need looking at as well. One last winter would freeze up pretty much any time the temperature went below minus 12 which last winter was almost all the time. I got some new parts and changes will be made. Regarding the other waterer, there is a leak somewhere and I suspect one of the heat cables isn’t working properly. My final comment on this is getting a cold snap later in the fall followed by a ‘warm’ spell is actually a good thing because I will then discover whether what I did was right or that further steps need to be taken and having suitable weather to do so.

As has been mentioned in previous posts, we have a new building going up. With fall arriving soon, it is a reminder that we need to accelerate all the pieces that are needed to close in the house. I sincerely hope the firm supplying us with trusses feels the same urgency! I am hoping to get a start on an equipment shed and at least get the posts in the ground and perhaps get the roof structure in place. Finally, I hope we can at least get some fence posts in the ground. The fencing too would be nice!

This is, of course, in addition to ‘standard’ tasks for the fall such as collecting and storing hay bales, getting straw and hopefully some small hay squares. There is garlic to plant, as well as gardens to finish harvesting and then make ready for winter. In other words, there is no shortage of things to do.

Bryan working on the electrical additions needed in the pole barn for the new pens.

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