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A New Product for the Right Reason

Updated: Mar 29

Recently we have started experimenting with a new dehydrator. This in itself isn’t unusual, but what we are making with it might be… Those of you readers that are familiar with us and our operation know that we strive to run the farm in the most ethical ways we are able and that includes using as much of the animals that we process as possible. Finding willing gourmands ready to eat the prize cuts of lamb has not been a difficult process, both here on the farm and amongst our customers, but there are certain sections of the animals that we seem to usually have a surplus of after all the racks and chops and legs are portioned out. While we do have customers who specifically request (and enjoy) organ meats from the lambs, none of us at the farm have yet developed a taste for liver, kidneys or heart. This is where the dehydrator comes in.

My statement about no one at the farm being interested in organs is not 100% accurate. There are certain members of the team for whom these cuts are received with much gusto and aplomb: the dogs. Of which there are currently six (2 guardian livestock dogs and 4 pets between us all). As it turns out, the dogs go nuts for the organs in any form they can get them and will gladly follow orders or even perform known tricks without prompts in an attempt to bargain for just one more.

This solves the problem of finding willing eaters but would have made for a real mess in jacket pockets, so a dehydrator was brought up as a solution. A few clicks on the computer and a new machine was on the way. Sliced thinly and dried at 1650 F for about 18 hours makes for a much better storing (and more portable) pet snack. Our taste testers approved with much enthusiasm and so a new offering from Borderlands Farm came to be.

Currently, the treats are packaged in resealable bags in 100-gram weights. As always, Gwen makes sure that our email subscribers are the first to hear about anything here at the farm so watch for emails about availability (Not an email subscriber? Sign-up here). We will then have them available to the public at the farmer’s market and on our website, although keep in mind we won’t have a lot of stock as we are a pretty small operation.

We look forward to continuing to experiment with ways to put lamb products in customer’s hands (or paws?).

Image: Our Dog Treat packages from batch #1.

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