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Construction Update: October 2022

Updated: Mar 29

My focus here at the farm over the last while has been the building of Gwendolyn and Brody’s house. While it has been a major focus of mine all summer, when it is ‘suddenly fall’ there is more urgency to ‘get it done’. This is also very true for many other farm projects as well. In my case, you might be aware that adding pen capacity in our pole barn is of major importance and has been a secondary focus of mine– without getting into too much detail than has already been shared, it required adding more waterers for the new pens, acquiring and installing more gates, etc.

In the near future - I may regret saying this - these two projects are starting to “come together”. In the case of the house, the roof is on and over 90% shingled, the sheeting for the walls is similarly almost complete and the windows Gwendolyn picked arrive this Thursday hopefully. Progress!! In the case of the pen expansion project, I hope to have all the gating in place by this weekend – the new double-sided waterer is in place and just needs tweaking.

This, of course, is not all that needs doing before freezing temperatures hit! I wish. Two more waterers need attention for example – in one case I spent way too much time and energy ‘baby-sitting’ one waterer last winter and hope I can rectify that for this winter upcoming. The parts have finally arrived, and I just need to make it a priority to get it done.

The one major disappointment is that it is looking unlikely that the equipment building will get built before winter hits. You might remember me mentioning it was on my to-do list from my last blog. I would love to be wrong about this but I just don’t see it happening – it will hopefully be a next spring/early summer project.

Image 1: Bryan reviewing the plans. Image 2: Bryan in the foreground supervising the install of the walls on the top floor.

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