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This one-of-a-kind top whorl spindle is a larger spindle perfect for beginners or those with experience wanting to make a bulky yarn. 


Dave Hainrich has created a limited series of beautiful one-of-a-kind wooden top whorl drop spindles for us. These are truly heirloom quality spindles that are not only made locally but also feature local materials. Dave has prioritized using Ontario wood species and each spindle features three different types of wood. Dave has used wood left over from other projects, when possible, which reduces wood waste. 


Top: Ambrosia Maple

Whorl: Ambrosia Maple

Shaft: Maple


Weight: 1.6 oz.

Whorl diameter: 4"

Shaft length: 10.5"

Each spindle has been tested for balance.


Maker: Made by Dave Hainrich at North of 48 Custom Woodworking

Made in Thunder Bay, Ontario (Made in Canada)


Beverly has made a roving mini-bump from a Romney cross sheep breed to accompany each spindle. We were able to source the wool from a sheep farm in Thunder Bay (as we do not raise this particular breed). This breed’s wool is considered to be a good choice when learning how to spin using a drop spindle as it is forgiving. It has not been dyed and the images show the natural colour of the wool fibre. These have been processed on our Belfast Mini-Mill equipment and as such, will have a small amount of vegetable matter (e.g. straw) as we do not "scour" the wool. 

Top Whorl Drop Spindle #1