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One box has four roving "baby" bumps. Our baby bumps are ~2 oz. rolls of roving that we create in small batches from our own wool. This means that no two batches are the same, making each roving box one-of-a-kind. Commonly used by spinners, roving also works well for many felting applications as well as for weaving applications in which you'd like to add texture or volume. 


This box is part of our Colourway series. Beverly has created rovings with more significant gradation in colour throughout that she then hand curates into complimentary groupings. While each roving baby bump in the box is unique, the four together is where the magic happens! Beverly hand dyes all of our wool with the goal of creating the dimensional colour she is known for. 


Material: Polypay, Targhee, Lincoln Longwool and/or Alpaca Wool. See info card on each box for precise amounts. (Unfamiliar with these sheep breeds? Read about their fibre here.) 

Source: 100% Ontario fibre from our own sheep flock here at Borderlands Farm

Processing: 100% hand processed on our Belfast Mini Mill Equipment. Beverly has washed, dyed and carded the fibre in small batches. 

Weight of Fibre: approximately 8 oz.

Dye: Procion dyes.

Box Size:  9" x 9" x 3"


Please note that small scale processing like this means there will still be a small amount of vegetable matter in the wool (hay or straw bits). While we try our best, it is not possible for it to be 100% removed. We hope you see the occasional piece of straw as a reminder that your wool has come from a local family farm and that it has been hand-processed in small batches in our on-site wool mill without the use of harsh chemicals.

Roving Batches (4) - Colorway Series


    Customers can choose to pick-up at the farm or the Thunder Bay Country Market, or can choose delivery to the Thunder Bay area (if eligible). Once you have placed your order, you will receive a follow-up email when your order is ready to arrange a mutually convenient pick-up or delivery time.


    We offer a flate rate for standard shipping within Canada.


    If you are not satisfied, we accept returns within 30 days and will issue a refund as long as the product is still in "As New" condition once we receive it. Shipping charges will not be refunded and return shipping is paid for by the customer. 

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