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The classic English mint-lamb pairing but with a twist! Our spice blend adds rosemary and garlic (of course!) to create a general purpose spice blend. Enjoy this seasoning in any lamb dish; from lamb burgers, to the rub for the leg of lamb to your lamb stew, this is an easy and quick way to add really nice flavour to your lamb meal. 


30 grams of seasoning blend.

Estimated 6 servings: Based on our usage this is enough for 6 meals. 


Packaged in a reusable 4 oz. glass canning jar. 


Ingredients: mint, sea salt, rosemary, garlic, onion, black pepper

Lamb Seasoning

  • In-stock Purchase: We will reach out to you to confirm delivery or pick-up at the farm/TBay Market. 

    Pre-order Purchase: If this purchase is an add-on as part of a pre-order of lamb, it will be part of that order's fulfillment. Once your lamb is ready, we will reach out to you to confirm delivery to Thunder Bay or pick-up at the farm/TBay Market.