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Would you like to add lamb to your freezer? Looking for a variety of cuts? Want to customize the processing? Then this option is for you!


Our locally born, raised and processed Polypay lambs are a larger breed, which means good sized portions for you. Canadian lamb (as compared to Australian or New Zealand lamb) is a milder flavour, especially when the meat is treated like beef when prepared. 


As farmers, we are proud to provide high quality lamb. 

  • Premium nutrition with no corners cut.
  • Pasture-raised (when the season allows).
  • Responsibly-raised & Humanely-handled.

  • Natural: No added color or ingredients, preventative antibiotics ("Antibiotic free"), hormones or any other growth promoters.


A "half" lamb produces one small box or approximately 15 lbs. of meat total (including both cuts and trim). 


Purchasing half of a lamb allows you to customize the processing:

  • Automatically included: spareribs, rack of lamb, 4-6 lamb chops at 1" thick, 1-2 shanks
  • Customization: Shoulder, blade, brisket, leg
  • The remainder will be processed into ground lamb. 
  • Sausage is not available. 


Customers can choose between vacuum sealing or butcher freezer paper.  Vacuum sealing usually is better for preserving for longer periods (6-12 months); freezer butcher paper will have the name of most cuts stamped on the packaging. 


Our whole and half lamb orders come with sample sizes of premium salt, dried rosemary, and our custom lamb spice blend, as well as a lamb cooking guide from Brody and recipes. 


Curious about how pre-orders work and when lamb is available from our farm? Check out our Lamb FAQ here. 


Questions? Reach out! 

Lamb - Half


    No returns/refunds, however, we want you to be happy with your purchase so please reach out if you are not completely satisfied with your lamb.


    This is a pre-order. Once your lamb is ready, we will reach out to you to confirm delivery to Thunder Bay or pick-up at the farm/TBay Market. 


    Whole and half lamb is available by pre-order only. Pre-ordering opens Sept. 1 and closes Oct. 31. Fufillment occurs in the order that they were received in the November and December period.


    Sorry, shipping of lamb is not available at this time. Lamb is available to the Thunder Bay area only.  

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