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Would you like to add lamb to your freezer? Looking for a variety of cuts? Want to customize the processing? Then this option is for you!


Our locally born, raised and processed Polypay lambs are a larger breed, which means good sized portions for you. Canadian lamb (as compared to Australian or New Zealand lamb) is a milder flavour, especially when the meat is treated like beef when prepared. 


As farmers, we are proud to provide high quality lamb. 

  • Premium nutrition with no corners cut.
  • Pasture-raised (when the season allows).
  • Responsibly-raised & Humanely-handled.

  • Natural: No added color or ingredients, preventative antibiotics ("Antibiotic free"), hormones or any other growth promoters.


A "half" lamb produces one small box or approximately 15 lbs. of meat total (including both cuts and trim). 


Purchasing half of a lamb allows you to customize the processing:

  • Automatically included: spareribs, rack of lamb, 4-6 lamb chops at 1" thick, 2 shanks
  • Customization: Shoulder, blade, brisket, leg
  • The remainder will be processed into ground lamb. 


Customers can choose between vacuum sealing or butcher freezer paper.  Vacuum sealing usually is better for preserving for longer periods (6-12 months); freezer butcher paper will have the name of most cuts stamped on the packaging. 


Questions? Reach out! 

Lamb - Half