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100% hand-processed fibre suitable for felting. Beverly has cleaned, washed, dyed and carded the fibre in small batches. 


Each box is unique and the contents will vary, although the goal is to create a similar variety in each box.  The picture is an example and the one you receive will be a bit different. 


Composition: The vast majority of the fibre is wool. There is a very small amount of alpaca blended into the brown pieces. 

Source: 100% Ontario fibre from our own sheep flocks (past and present) and previous alpaca herd. The wool can be Polypay, Friesen crosses, Cheviot, Border Leicester and Lincoln. 

Box Size:  9" x 9" x 3"

Dyed with Procion dyes.


If you want to see them in person, they are currently in stock at the Thunder Bay Country Market. 


Note: this fibre has been 100% processed by hand from our own coated sheep, which means it will still have a small amount of vegetable matter (hay and straw bits). While we try our best, it is not possible for it to be 100% removed. Please see the pictures for examples. 

Felter's Box

  • Customers will pick up their purchase from the farm or from the Thunder Bay Country Market. Please wait for an email so we can schedule a mutually convenient pick-up time. Delivery is not available for wool products.