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Custom Milling Policies


We require a minimum of 5 lbs. per batch. You can split your total amount of fibre into multiple batches to make different end products, but each batch needs to be at least 5 lbs. Orders under the minimum will not be processed. 

We reserve the right to reject fibre at any stage in the processing process for any reason. While one of the goals of our initial assessment is to identify issues (e.g., matting or poor-quality fibre), some problems do not become clear until washing (e.g., level of dirt) or carding (e.g., scurf from mites). The costs accrued up until that point will be deducted from your down payment.

We will not accept wool that has or currently is infested with any insects or rodents. Please do not send us fleece that you are not sure meets these requirements, as infestations can impact our mill as well as others’ orders. 

We can’t accept wool from sheep that have been bedded in wood shavings. Wood is very damaging to the equipment. 

If you would like your rejected fibre back, please make arrangements to pick it up within 30 days or to pay for return shipping within 30 days. 

Skirting is the process of removing “junk” wool, stains, second cuts and vegetable matter (VM) from the wool fleece prior to processing it. We encourage you to ensure your fleece is as clean as possible by completing a thorough skirting. The equipment does not remove all vegetable matter (i.e., hay, straw, twigs, burrs), so the more you remove, the less will show up in your finished product. It is important to note that our wool processing equipment requires very clean fleece .

Ideally, your fleece will not require any additional skirting once received but if we determine that it does, we will contact you for a decision regarding skirting fees before we proceed.  Please see the custom milling pricing for skirting fees.  

If additional skirting beyond one hour is required, the fleece will not be accepted for processing. If you would like the rejected fleece back, you can pick it up or pay to have it shipped back to you at your cost. If you decline to pick it up or pay for shipping, then the fleece will become the property of Borderlands Farm after 30 days. It is the sole discretion of Borderlands Farm to determine whether skirting is required.

Payment and Terms
Payment is due at pick-up. Please make sure to pick up your completed order within 30 days of email notification. We accept cash, e-transfer or credit card and debit payments through Square. If payment and/or collection is not completed after 30 days of notification, the product becomes the property of Borderlands Farm. 

The cost of all shipping to and from the mill is the responsibility of the customer.

The customer chooses between batts, roving and yarn; Borderlands Farm as the wool mill operators choose which steps are required in order to produce the product. It will be our sole discretion as to whether skirting, additional washings and other steps are needed. The customer influences this by bringing the cleanest possible fleece to the mill. 

Borderlands Farm is not responsible for normal loss of fibre (weight) during processing. This is a normal part of milling and while highly variable, is usually related to the cleanliness of your fleece. Loss can be as high as 60%. 

It is important to note that the actual weight of wool can vary, mostly due to the amount of humidity in the air. Your final yarn skein, for example, should be considered to be approximately 3.5 oz. as opposed to exactly. There will be a range of as much as 10% in the weight based on the storage conditions. 

Custom milling on this scale is an art, not a science. This means that we cannot guarantee any specified wraps per inch. We also cannot guarantee that your batches from year to year will be identical. Yarn will usually have joins/knots; we aim for an error rate of less than 2 per 100 yards. We hope that you enjoy the handmade nature of your final product.


Note: Process and policies subject to change without notice. 

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