Right from our farm to your table!

Premium Lamb

Our growing flock of purebred Polypay sheep is the backbone of our farm. We pride ourselves on the care we give our animals and the quality of the finished lamb.

We have lamb available twice a year: Early Spring (May) and Early Winter (Nov/Dec). Primarly sold through pre-orders, customers can choose to purchase a whole lamb, try a sampler box or select individual cuts. All lamb is available through our Farm Store here.

Beyond Borders Garlic

We are currently growing these varieties of garlic:

Persian Star hardneck

Big Boy hardneck

Russian Red hardneck

Fresh ("green") garlic is usually available beginning in early August. Cured garlic is ready closer to the end of the month. 

Border House Fibre

Raw fleece from the spring shearing is available now in our Farm Store here. 

Beverly also has hand-carded and hand-dyed batts available for spinners. 

An Etsy store for Border House Fibre is on its way, stay tuned!