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Batch #1 sold out! New batch coming soon.


Our camp sock yarn is a heavier sock yarn meant for a thicker sock. Sometimes called a "cabin sock", we knew that living in Thunder Bay meant we had to call ours a "camp sock". 


The yarn is a blend of Polypay, Lincoln Longwool and Alpaca. The Lincoln Longwool adds strength (natural alternative to nylon), while the wool adds warmth and the alpaca adds softness. The sheep wool is from breeds we raise on our farm; the alpaca is from Beverly’s previous farm.


Material: 50% Polypay, 25% Lincoln Longwool and 25% Alpaca

Source: All from our current farm with the exception of the Alpaca which comes from Beverly's supply. She used to have a herd of Alpaca when farming in Southern Ontario, and still has some fibre in storage.  

Processing: All of our yarn begins as raw fleece, which is washed, carded, and spun by us right here in Thunder Bay in our on-site wool mill. In addition to raising the sheep ourselves, we are creating each skein from start to finish out of our own fibre. Our products are not treated. We do not use chemical scouring and therefore do not create a "superwash" product. Our fibres are not bleached and we only use natural soaps.


2 ply

Weight: approximately 3.5 oz.

Wraps per inch (wpi): 12

Yardage: varies; averages around 175 yards

Natural colour (undyed)


Care: All items made with untreated (non-superwash) wool should be hand washed in cold water, and laid flat to dry. Spot cleaning will help prolong the life of your knitwear.


Please note that small scale processing like this means there will still be a small amount of vegetable matter in the wool (hay or straw bits). While we try our best, it is not possible for it to be 100% removed. We hope you see the occasional piece of straw as a reminder that your wool has come from a local family farm and that it has been processed in small batches in our on-site wool mill without the use of harsh chemicals.

Camp Sock Yarn

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