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Artisanal Chicken

We are a family-farm raising chickens naturally. 

Small Batch

On Pasture


Local Feed

Fresh, never Frozen

We sell direct from our farm to you, and we grow our chickens to the highest standards:

  • cage free*,

  • drug free,

  • antibiotic free,

  • artificial growth hormone free, and

  • no salt or water added during processing.

*We do not use any crates or cages with our birds up until we transfer them to the Abattoir. For their own safety and to meet provincial regulations, they are placed in crates for the trip. We are in compliance with the On-Farm Food Safety Assurance Program (OFFSAP) and the Animal Care Program. 

The Chicken Farms of Ontario (CFO) recently launched an Artisanal Chicken program that will allow us to scale our operation and market directly to our customer. Sales must be local and can include farm gate sales, local farmers markets, local retail stores, local food service outlets and local restaurants. Members of this program are also allowed to advertise. We are very excited by our recent successful application to this program. 


During the 2018 season, we will be raising the Cornish Cross Giant (pictured below) in three rounds. 

Chicken Sales
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